Why you need ‘Up Top’ branding on your company email

A quick Google search of “percentage of emails now opened on mobile devices” will give you results anywhere between 48% to 66%.

Why does this matter ?

Think about how you read emails on your smart devices. You open them on the fly, glance briefly at the sender and subject, and then scan the content (provided it’s not too long) with the intention of re-reading it on your laptop later.

The problem is that ‘later’ often doesn’t happen, and by the time you get in front of your laptop the email has fallen well ‘below the fold’ anyway.

The same thing is happening to all the emails your company sends out on a daily basis to customers, suppliers and potential clients (an average of 10,000 emails per employee each year!).

Quite simply, you have to make your emails stand out in overcrowded inboxes – but how?

The FIRST thing you need to do is shift your company’s major asset (the brand) from the bottom of all your emails (few people scroll all the way down on mobiles) to the top. It’s a simple proposition but was not an easy thing to do in the past (we figured out how). If you were to ever order printed company stationary (remember that?) imagine asking for your logo to be only printed on the very bottom! Why do that with your emails then? The data on opening rates is certainly starting to show clear differences between professionally branded company emails and plain paper.

You can’t afford to ignore it.

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