Want a million more bites of the cherry without the usual cost?

Think you’re a true digital marketer? How’s your email signature marketing going? You are using email signature marketing… right?

If every employee email includes a well-presented call-to-action and leads the reader to a specific landing page, then you are using email signature marketing in an effective way. If not, you are probably losing around 8,000 – 10,000 captive opportunities, per employee, to reach your target audience. Ouch!

With Black Pearl Mail, email signatures become a significant marketing opportunity. Most of us have our contact details and name, maybe a company logo, at the base of our email, but we can now take this to the next level by creating a signature that talks about current campaigns, events or deals. The sales and marketing staff will grab at another opportunity to get something in front of your audience; another opportunity to spread brand awareness simply by using email signature marketing. The net effect will be more traffic to pages you want to show and that can only boost conversion rates.

Easy-to-use email signature marketing software such as Black Pearl Mail allows for efficient set up, update or change across the whole business, or by business unit, making your email signature marketing another marketing asset just like your blog, newsletter, website, etc. And you already have digital assets for use in these areas so why not use them again, or point clients to those assets with email signature marketing?

Employee email signatures have long been a huge irritation for many marketing managers with their lack of brand, or off-brand, changes to fonts (remember Comic Sans?), colors, and even the addition of the dreaded ‘Cat GIF’ from time to time. Most marketers tolerate this because there has been no choice and it’s a battle not worth fighting – until now. With our in-the-cloud central management console, a cunning marketer turns this nuisance into an opportunity for thousands more click-throughs and an increase in conversion without bothering the overall marketing budget. Cue the promotion, corner office, and keys to the exec bathroom.

Email signature marketing gives the brand a completely measurable voice in every employee email. At the end of the day this is measured in conversion, but before that comes reach. It becomes our job as marketers to take this opportunity to put the right content into those inboxes via email signature marketing with every email that is sent.

If its measurable it offers ROI and email signature marketing offers some seriously good ROI, given the average company employee sends up to 10,000 emails per annum. Assuming a 3% click-through to a landing page from the email signature marketing campaign, that provides at least 300 new visits, per employee, per annum. Not sexy enough? If your company has 200 employees, that’s 60,000+ free clicks per year. If these clicks were paid AdWords, you could expect this to cost in the order of $180,000 at an average CPC of $3. Make your emails better and smarter, and you will be sure to get even more than 3% click through… the numbers add up very quickly!

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