Should your company emails be a sales tool?

Think about it.

Every staff member (with a keyboard) now sends out on average 10,000 emails per annum. Most have the company logo and staff details at the bottom, probably set up way back by the IT department and never to be tampered with.

Why is this?

We all expend considerable effort, time and lots of money to drive traffic and increase sales and yet our most frequently used and in your face form of communication delivers branding that is almost an apologetic afterthought tacked on at the end. Many excuses are proffered for this:

  • Too busy launching a new Facebook/Twitter/website campaign
    So you’re spending good money to get more ‘likes’ while ignoring the opportunity to sell more to a person who already knows your company.
  • Too difficult for IT
    Get new IT staff who understand what digital marketing means and what the future holds for those who won’t innovate.
  • We only send emails to suppliers, other staff and associates.
    Always Be Selling. A smart branded email generates click-throughs. Click-throughs generate sales. Ask any successful CEO about when is the ‘right’ time for staff to be selling.
  • We like to be understated

The technology now exists to fully brand daily staff emails, have that branding render correctly on all devices and to change the messages conveyed in minutes. It is a media channel that your company owns and one that will deliver more business. Company Email is a sales tool, make it work for you.

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