Microsoft Press Release: Black Pearl Mail Moves to Microsoft Azure to Help Unlock Better Email

Trailblazing email enhancement company Black Pearl Mail has moved its hosting infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.  The catalyst for the move was based on deepening the company’s integration with Microsoft Office 365, but the benefits didn’t stop there.

Black Pearl Mail was founded in 2012 with the aim of improving email effectiveness through enriched branding, central management, end-user email optimization apps and analytics.

“Black Pearl Mail’s services augment Microsoft Office 365, so we moved to Microsoft Azure because we wanted tighter network integration,” says Dan Gentry, CTO of Black Pearl Mail.  “However, utilizing Azure’s data analytics services has enabled Black Pearl Mail to more efficiently glean insights in email behaviour, which has helped us to further transform our customers’ daily business email into a more powerful communication tool.  Early insights have been obtained using Azure Data Factory and Microsoft Power BI, with the intent to take these learnings and explore the potential of Azure Data Lake services as the business – and associated volumes of data – grow.”

Black Pearl Mail’s latest research has added more weight to the power of branding daily business email.  It’s shown that branding at the top of an email can increase reply rates by as much as 12 percent.

Black Pearl Mail recently released a partner program targeted at resellers of Office 365.  Black Pearl CEO Mr. Nick Lissette says the latest findings should be a big boost for partners.

“Everything we do is aimed at ensuring our partner’s cost of sale is low.  We’ve invested heavily in automating provisioning and simplifying email template creation to just a few mouse clicks.  Being able to sell enhanced branding by demonstrating a tangible lift in replies to email will be another key to maximising the profitability of selling Black Pearl Mail at either time of migration or relicensing.”

Rob Howard, director of Office Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp. said, “Email is a central pillar of business communication, so initiatives that make daily email more effective are important business tools.  We’re pleased to see Black Pearl Mail’s commitment to Microsoft services as it expands its integration with Office 365.”