How to do AOM (Always On Marketing) without really trying!

Always On Marketing is a new name for a relatively old concept. The idea behind AOM is this: businesses need to keep generating new marketing content all the time.

But not just any old content. The role of marketing these days has moved beyond generating brand awareness or sales leads. Now your marketing efforts must take your potential customers’ hands and lead them all the way through the buying process.

If this sounds like a tall order, don’t panic. It’s not quite as tough as it first appears. Although you will have to generate some new content yourself, you won’t need to do it all on your own. The explosion of social media has thrown up huge quantities of content that can be used for AOM.

It’s not unusual for businesses to build social media feedback into their marketing campaigns. Nothing helps convince new customers like a re-Tweet of a satisfied buyer’s praise for your product, for example.

Similarly, every time you engage with your customers on Facebook or other social channels, you are doing AOM (or at least, you should be). Mentioning product news, updates, special deals – all of this is real-time content that helps bring customers closer to you.

But it requires effort, time and expense. There is, after all, no such thing as a free lunch. The social networks may be free to use, but your marketing employees’ time is definitely not free. There are tools available to help you aggregate your social media content so you can display it all in one place. But you still have to monitor it carefully so that the right messages get through.

A simpler and more effective option is to make use of one of the AOM channels over which you have complete control. Your website is one, and this should be updated all the time with new content. The other is your outgoing email.

Although it’s often neglected by businesses, email is a marketing goldmine if used properly. Think how many messages your employees send out every day, directly to customers. Depending on the size of your organisation it could be dozens, hundreds or even thousands.

Each one represents an AOM opportunity, and each one is sent to someone with an interest in your business. They will read the email, then they’ll read your marketing message. Since they’ll already be in a receptive frame of mind, your AOM is likely to find fertile ground.

Manually adding marketing messages to the end of outgoing emails is one way of doing things, but it’s obviously not ideal. Asking each of your staff to change their signatures on a daily or weekly basis just isn’t practical. But you need a fast, flexible way of managing these messages. You need to tailor your AOM in real-time if you want the best response.

This is one of the key drivers behind why businesses start using Black Pearl Mail. Instead of worrying about dozens of different messages on a wide variety of devices, all email signatures can be managed from one place.

Signatures can be changed quickly, logos and other branding images added as necessary. And you can get full analytical feedback about emails too, including who opened them and when. With that information available, your sales team can do the rest.

Always On Marketing may initially sound like a lot of extra work for your business. But with managed email signatures you can do AOM without much effort at all – every time someone in your organisation clicks ‘Send’.

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