Five ways to get your email read

When you send a business email you want to make sure it is read, but the sheer volume of messages in recipients inboxes makes this task increasingly risky. In addition to this a large majority of emails are now opened on mobile devices which means your email may only get a brief glance before the next wave of inbound messages pushes it off the bottom of the page.

Here are 5 tips to increasing the chances of having your email read and content absorbed.

1. Make sure your email signature displays on all devices

Odds are in favour of your email being viewed on a mobile device. Some email signatures are not correctly designed to display on all mobile devices. Often this results in the text of the email being shrunk so that the email signature fits in. What this means is the recipient will have to pinch/zoom their device to read your text.

2. Keep emails concise

If you receive a lot of emails that equals a lot of reading. Don’t make your emails too long to read (TLTR). Often if an email appears like a novel then the recipient will ‘park it’ to read at a later date, namely never! Keep emails punchy. Bullet point key points. Make action points clear and bold.

3. Catchy subject heading

Think about the key message you are trying to communicate in your email and condense that into the subject heading, thus priming the recipient for the email content. If its a one-to-one email, personalise the subject if possible, so the recipient sees it is directed to them (as opposed to them being cc’ed in a group message). That will significantly increase the chances of your email being read

4. Don’t template content

Readers have learned to sniff out and filter out cut and paste email content. It becomes filler, increases your chance of TLTR and devalues the sincerity of your communication. The first paragraph is especially essential to highly personalise. If the recipient thinks that email has been specifically written for them they are more likely to read it.

5. Up top branding

You have to stand out in a busy inbox. Attractive email signatures are a powerful way of doing that. If you can get a email signature and your logo at the top of your email, this with dramatically increase readership. This can be a big point of difference between your email and the deluge your recipients receive each day. Don’t break the first rule though – make sure your email signature displays on all devices.

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