Achieve Your Goals and More

Harness the power of centralized branding, targeted engagement, real-time notifications, and data and analytics. Time to work smarter.

Centralized Branding

Emails That
Go the Extra Mile

Every email sent by your organization is a micro-impression of your brand—an opportunity to reinforce positive messaging. With Black Pearl Mail, you have centralized control over every email signature in your company. Create groups for specific roles, e.g. sales or accounting, enabling a more relevant approach to the likely audiences, and enforce consistency for both employees and franchises.

Targeted Engagement

Aim for your target customer and win them every time

What if you could really get to know the person on the other side of your email? Without Black Pearl, you’re shooting in the dark, at best. But with our technology, you become smarter. Discover insights into your customers and potential leads that will drive sales and lead to innovation.

Real-Time Notifications

Understand insights on-the-go

With Black Pearl, you have access to insights in seconds. You don’t have to click send and hope your message does its job. Get notified when important emails are read, when you might need to follow up and build a history of where emails are at after they’ve been sent.

Data & Analytics

Insights you didn’t know
you needed

With Black Pearl Mail Analytics, you have access to which people are in contact with a specific target prospect, what links people are clicking on within messages, and which subject lines result in opened emails. Your communication just got a whole lot smarter. And most importantly, you’ll understand where you’re gaining traction toward increased sales.