Email Signatures on Mobile Devices

Do you have ‘Sent from my iphone/Blackberry/Samsung’ on your mobile emails? Why?

Back in the day, when smartphones first hit the scene, Blackberry and company cunningly put ‘Sent from my…’ tags on all outgoing messages by default, which was a masterful piece of viral marketing on their behalf. We happily kept those tags on as it proved you were a cutting edge, working 24/7 executive stormtrooper.

Fast forward, now everyone has smartphones. Yet still the default mobile email signature tags remain. Some senders have no idea they send these default tags. Others feel it is a disclaimer of sorts which justifies the brevity (and potential typos) of the email being sent. But in a world where are majority of emails are sent and received on mobile devices is this good enough? Of course not! Mobile sent emails are the norm, not the exception, and as such the content and presentation of these emails needs to be of a professional standard.

Content wise, concise emails are good emails. They will assist in your email getting read (Click Here). It takes five seconds to put in the appropriate line breaks and commas. Smartphone spellchecking means that there is no excuse for typos anymore.

Presentation wise your mobile email signature should be consistent with that of your other email signatures. Ideally the same. Up top branding will aid in getting your email read and of course, perhaps most crucially, you need to ensure this email signature will render correctly on the recipients device……. which odds on are mobile.

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