Signature Solutions

Email Branding Never Looked Better

Email signatures can be a nightmare to manage, particularly as they are painstakingly set up and managed for each individual email client. Black Pearl Mail takes a new approach enabling email signatures to be controlled centrally – independent of the device or email client.

at Enterprise Scale

Black Pearl email branding combines professional level uniformity with engaging promotional capabilities to increase your customer engagement and drive sales.

Cross Platform Consistency

Maintain brand integrity across platforms. Whether you’re doing business remotely, sending an email from your phone, or working in the office, you can stay streamlined and consistent.

Tracking without Intrusion

A full audit trail and push notification tracking lets you know that your email was delivered, so you know when to follow-up without scaring customers away.

Signatures Redefined

Solutions best suited for your business

Our tools can be customized for any size organization or group. We take passive email and turn it into a channel you can control and drive.

Black Pearl Mail provides a number of useful tools for small businesses. It’s quick and easy to set up without any coding necessary. You can make your team’s email sharp and consistent and track the delivery status of email.

Our analytics feature enables businesses to determine the best performing signature, which is crucial for increasing clicks to your website, helping you work smarter, not harder.

Black Pearl Mail turns your business communication into an owned media channel with centralized management and powerful analytics. Gain access to mobile-friendly branding, signatures, compliance, and deployment with Black Pearl Enterprise tools.

Our expert team will work closely with you to maximize outcomes. We know that a successful implementation depends on how well our solution meets your organization’s needs and opportunities.