“Email is dead!”… Journalists love that headline.

“Email is dead!”. Journalists love that headline, as does every second hip IT startup who creates a new communications platform.

I remember when Facebook took off and people said that would kill email. What Facebook did was remove ‘social’ emails from inboxes, thus turning email into a more hardened business channel. Same gig with Instant Messaging (which removed ‘pass the stapler’ type emails).

What is dying is the chance of your email getting read . And I’m not talking about campaign/advertising email. I am talking about the email you send from your laptops and smartphones 50+ times a day. Email use isn’t dying, it’s growing year on year which means your email has to fight to get the real estate at the top of a recipient’s inbox.

In order to help make businesses email effective again Black Pearl Mail has crunched anonymised metadata from millions emails. to see how we can help make business’s email more effective again. What we now know is that there is a definite tipping point where if your email hasn’t already been read then the chance of it getting read is less than 10%. What may shock you is that this is less than 48 hours (the precise time fluctuates throughout the year).

That means if you are trying to communicate something important, something you want action or an outcome on, then you need to remind yourself to follow up on that email.

Black Pearl Mail’s Engage plug-in integrates customers personal email delivery/read history into their sent folder in g-suite or task pane in O365. However we have just introduced a smart algorithm which notifies the sender if their email hasn’t been opened and the chance of it getting opened reduces below 10%.

If you don’t use Black Pearl Mail and use a read-receipt product you can of course schedule a reminder for yourself. Some products let you set up a reminder when you send an email. It’s an extra few steps and not as exact as AI, but it can get the job done.

What worked for Ray Tomlinson in 1971 doesn’t cut the mustard anymore so whatever method you use it’s important to start emailing smarter – make sure your email gets read and just as importantly get replied to.