Email as Effective Communication

As white-collar workers, each one of us sends – on average – 10,250 emails annually. Why do we do this? Well, it is because we have something to communicate, something to say, an idea to convey, and so on. When we send an email, we want it to be understood and ideally acknowledged; we don’t send email for the hell of it!

The problem with traditional business email is that it is blind, you don’t generally know if someone has received it unless they reply. This is hardly ideal and simply not good enough considering that email is your most used form of business communication.

We often find ourselves in situations where we really want to know whether an email has been opened. Using Black Pearl Mail’s Follow feature, the sender automatically receives a notification email from Black Pearl Mail stating the exact time that it was opened; the service gives you full visibility over your sent email, including delivery and read status!

It’s a game changer if you are in sales and want to know whether your proposal has been received – you can now follow up at the optimal time. Accounts can use this to know that important invoices are received. If you are sending contracts or tenders then you have proof of receipt. Once you start using automated read receipts you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

If you use Black Pearl Mail then you can find out how to activate the Follow feature here.

At the very least it will save you having to send an email to see if your previous email has been received!

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