EDM v Email: The winner is…

Huge amounts of time, energy and resource are spent on creating, sending and analyzing electronic direct marketing (EDM) campaigns. The variations and tactics are legend.

Yet in stark contrast to the considerable effort and exactness put into an EDM, most businesses (of any size) are largely content to let huge volumes of emails stream out from their staff with skant regard to the branding and potential of these daily communications.

Few executives realise that ordinary emails now constitute their most comprehensive and extensive direct media channel. An average staff emailer now sends out more than ever (10,000 p.a. at last count) contradicting predictions of the demise of email.

The surge in mobile devices has not seen this traffic decline at all, in fact it has been the exact opposite in driving up the demand for instant replies as people no longer need to wait to access their inbox.

And yet most company emails look ordinary at best. Why is this ?

  • Lack of attention: In the clamour to design and deliver new facebook pages, mobile apps, instagrams and a plethora of other content the humble email has been overlooked. Most email branding looks like a begrudging afterthought tacked on the end of the email by a disinterested and design challenged IT or HR department and this is often the truth.
  • Lack of understanding: Few companies realise the staggering volumes of emails sent every day and the massive reach and coverage they endear.
  • Lack of desire: The wasted opportunity to communicate a brand or proposition borders on the criminal.
  • Lack of Ability: One of the major contributing factors to the ‘ugly email’ syndrome has been the inaccessibility of the email platform to the digital world. Traditionally locked away on a server in a dark IT dungeon, email has remained pretty much unchanged since inception. A ‘don’t touch, don’t break’ rule is usually strictly enforced. Luckily inquiring minds and the proliferation of the ‘cloud’ have broken open yet another IT citadel.
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