Building Trust Through Brand Consistency


Texas Adoption Center, a non-profit adoption agency, serves birth mothers in Texas and adoptive families in almost every state.  Their mission is to offer hope to those pregnant, delivering, and adopting, and provide trusted, professional support and care during the adoption process.  The agency is run like a family, and they strive for their brand to reflect the safe, understanding, and loving personality their company and employees exude.

In order to do this, Texas Adoption Center Program Director, Caitlin Phillips, knew she wanted to have consistent branding in her agency’s email signatures.  “In adoption it’s important to be trustworthy,” said Phillips. “There’s a lot of fear for adoptive parents and birth parents around picking the right agency, making sure it’s ethical.  Having that consistent branding, that consistent signature, shows that we’re on top of our game, that we’re more professional, than an agency that has completely different signatures across the board…it’s a first impression…it really does make an impact.”  After a long search process, Phillips discovered Black Pearl Mail and was immediately interested.  “Black Pearl Mail was far more modern than any of the other signatures I’d found online,” said Phillips.  “It’s automatically attached to every email we send out, and it also formats properly on every device – it’s really great.”

Phillips worked with a Black Pearl Mail representative to customize her company’s email signature exactly the way she envisioned.  “It was really important to me when we were just opening our doors to have that consistent, professional look.  I really did spend about a week just on signatures, and I’m so thankful I found Black Pearl Mail.”  During many of her correspondences over email, Phillips received replies from families thanking her for including a picture of herself in her email signatures.  In this very personal business, clients appreciate seeing who they are working with, especially when they don’t always have the ability to meet in person.

Caitlin Phillips walked through her favorite parts about her customized Black Pearl Mail email signature:

Black Pearl Mail email signatures impacted this non-profit space by providing professional email signatures, with the ability to customize and make appropriate for more personal business communication.  “The decision was not made lightly in going with Black Pearl Mail,” said Phillips.  “I explored so many different email signatures, and this was by far the best one.”  With her company set up with Black Pearl Mail, Phillips can now rest assured that with every email she sends, her organization’s branding will be consistent and trusted.


Black Pearl Mail is a cloud subscription service that augments and enhances everyday business email – providing invaluable tools to make you more productive.  Comprised of our Email Branding and Email Analytics services, you can create custom adaptive email signatures and branding, while gaining intelligent insight about the effectiveness of the emails you send.

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Beautifying Email Correspondence In The Beauty Industry


SEVEN haircare, a leading company in the beauty industry, provides sought-after salon experiences for their clients and offers a wide variety of their very own haircare products.  SEVEN haircare has over 300 partner salons across the U.S.

SEVEN haircare was acutely aware of the importance of brand consistency across all departments and communication platforms, especially email.  It was important to them their email branding was done right as it’s a direct reflection of their attention to detail while building trust in their ability to provide quality products.

Last year, SEVEN haircare underwent a redesign to focus on the full brand as a cohesive collection of art. “It took us all of last year to do that because we were so detailed and so meticulous,” said Nicole Boston, Graphic Designer at SEVEN haircare, “and we really wanted to make sure that the [product] line spoke to our values…Up until Black Pearl Mail, everybody just kind of did their own thing.  There was no brand consistency there, there was no immediate recognition of ‘This is SEVEN haircare’.”

Email signatures are a key part of having a consistent brand.  This small yet significant element is often overshadowed by larger-scale design elements such as websites or social media presence.  But as Boston discovered over the course of the SEVEN haircare redesign process, it takes all brand elements, including email signatures, to fully represent and express the brand appropriately.

SEVEN haircare was started in a salon with only nine stylists and quickly grew to a team of 65, in part thanks to the easy scalability and affordability of Microsoft Office 365.  “Office 365 has been a staple since well before I started here…So I had to find something that played well with Office 365.”  That’s when Boston discovered Black Pearl Mail.  Black Pearl Mail helped Boston customize email signatures which mirrored the groups within her company (corporate team, internal and external sales teams) as setup in their existing Azure active directory.  Additionally, Black Pearl Mail created an animated GIF to appear at the bottom of each email.  The custom design not only incorporated SEVEN haircare’s product line and brand slogan, but also communicated the brand’s artistic, sophisticated personality.  Boston’s favorite aspect is the synergy between Office 365 and Black Pearl Mail, creating a simple and bold brand statement, consistent across all platforms.  “It’s kind of like your one-stop shop for everything…we couldn’t be happier.”


Black Pearl Mail is a cloud subscription service that augments and enhances everyday business email – providing invaluable tools to make you more productive.  Harness the power of stunning emails today and visit to learn more about our services and start your free trial today. Offices in Arizona, New Zealand & Switzerland. 

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