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Miles David​ was chosen as Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

As a hand-crafted fashion company, Miles David leverages their custom email signature to promote their business. By changing their email signature banner often, they advertise an array of business announcements including events, sales, and seasonally themed gowns. Miles David uses the social media icons to advertise their diverse online reach, as well as utilizing up-top […]

Microsoft Press Release: Black Pearl Mail Moves to Microsoft Azure to Help Unlock Better Email

Trailblazing email enhancement company Black Pearl Mail has moved its hosting infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.  The catalyst for the move was based on deepening the company’s integration with Microsoft Office 365, but the benefits didn’t stop there. Black Pearl Mail was founded in 2012 with the aim of improving email effectiveness through enriched branding, central […]

“Email is dead!”… Journalists love that headline.

“Email is dead!”. Journalists love that headline, as does every second hip IT startup who creates a new communications platform. I remember when Facebook took off and people said that would kill email. What Facebook did was remove ‘social’ emails from inboxes, thus turning email into a more hardened business channel. Same gig with Instant […]

Black Pearl Mail Names McDonalds IT as Premier Valued Channel Partner

Highly Successful Google Apps & Office 365 Solutions Provider Partners With World-Leading Email Signature & Digital Marketing Provider WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – SEPTEMBER 1, 2016 Black Pearl Mail, provider of the world-leading service that transforms business email into an enhanced communication and digital marketing tool, today announced that McDonalds IT has signed on as Black […]

Email that’s tailor-made

Take a look at the signature at the end of your business emails. It probably includes your name, email address and direct phone number. Then there will be your organisation’s details, perhaps the main office phone number, website and address. It may also include other forms of contact, such as corporate social media accounts. After that […]

Many points of contact: making the most of staff email contacts across your organisation

Once your organisation reaches a certain size, it becomes impossible to keep track of every point of outside contact. Each department will have its own address book, its own email contacts database. Marketing will talk to one group of people, sales another, business development yet another. Developers and engineers, PR people, managers – each department […]