Are you professional? Then you need to be consistent

Experienced professionals are consistent. They perform to a high standard all the time, every time. That’s part of what being professional means.

From sports teams to accountants, from doctors to lawyers, we expect professionals to produce consistently high quality results. When they don’t, we complain. Yet sometimes, as business owners, we don’t always practice what we preach.

Consistency in business is just as important as consistency on the sports field or in the courtroom. That’s especially true when it comes to communicating with customers. From brand awareness to marketing and sales, it’s vital to present a consistent image.

Some companies spend a small fortune on logos, websites and branded media channels. But they forget about the most direct and effective channel of all – email.

Email offers big opportunities, but also serious challenges for businesses today. There are so many different platforms for sending emails, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. Different mail clients use different layouts and formats. There’s just no consistency.

So it’s easy for your branding to become vague and fractured, to lose its consistency. Your customers and business partners may forgive this failure, but it’s unprofessional.

Email is still one of the most effective forms of communication. Get it right and you can present a consistent business image. Get it wrong and you’ve lost a golden opportunity to enhance your branding.

What can you do about this? One option is to take control of every device used by your employees. Round up every desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet, including any BYOD units. Then spend days of your time going through each one, creating consistent email templates.

And then do it all again a few months later when you need to modify your brand message.

If this doesn’t sound like a productive use of your time, you’re right. There should be a better way – and there is. For a much smaller investment of time and money, you can outsource this work.

Simply let someone else take care of it. Let a dedicated email signature company brand all your outgoing emails. You provide the logo and other graphics, and they do all the hard work for you. Automatically, inexpensively and consistently, for every device. Then you can get on with building your business, safe in the knowledge that your email branding is perfectly consistent.

Coming back to sports, think about your favourite team. They all wear the same clothing whenever they play, identical in every respect.

This is about more than just branding. It’s their identity, recognisable to all their fans. The team’s appearance is always uniform and consistent. Their presentation is perfect.

So should yours be.

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