Black Pearl

Designed to Make You Email-Smart

We activate the intelligence of email, to help you use it more strategically. With email signature management and analytics, Black Pearl makes external-facing functions, like Marketing and Sales, smarter.

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to the Email Revolution.

Before Black Pearl, corporate email was a passive, mute communication channel, used blindly by senders with little idea of what was happening at the other end of the pipe.

Actionable Intelligence

With actionable intelligence you can reduce the time it takes to act, which can significantly minimize the economic impact of your business.


Goal Oriented Interactions

Black Pearl’s real-time intelligence creates opportunities for more relevant, dynamic, and goal-oriented interactions.

Our Solutions

Emails That Go the Extra Mile

With Black Pearl, you become smarter in how you use your email. Instead of relying on a basic vehicle to transport your message, you drive it.

Signature Solutions

Every email sent represents you, your organization, and your brand

As your team and organization scales, it becomes even more challenging to manage. Black Pearl Mail makes it easy to implement uniform signatures, consistent disclaimers, exclusive up-top “letterhead” branding, as well as valuable space for banners - all from a simple and intuitive dashboard.

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Top Features

  • Branding to Drive Engagement
  • Optimized For All Platforms and Devices
  • Centralized Signature Management
  • Real-time Tracking and Notifications
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User Insights

Unlock Insights From How Your Company Uses Email

Users Insights gives you the tools to make sense of your email data.

Understand who your users are and how they are interacting with your email. Time to play smarter.

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Top Features

  • Customized Real-time Tracking and Notification
  • Daily Summary Insights Report
  • Personalized Analytics
  • Smart Read Receipt Reporting
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Campaign View

Tools Built For Your Success

On average, employees send between 27 and 34 emails per day. For a team of 100, this equals nearly 1 million emails (i.e., impressions) per year to valued customers and potential buyers. Turn impressions into sales with our Campaign View platform.

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Top Features

  • Campaign Optimization and ROI
  • A/B Testing Capability
  • ABM and CRM Integration
  • Owned Media Analytics
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it Works

With Black Pearl Network, our clients are assured of the utmost security, reliability, availability and redundancy.

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We put our money where our mouth is. Our credibility and ownability of ideas makes us people you can trust.

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