iVvy is our Design of the Week!

iVvy is an event marketplace, meaning they offer all the features a company of any size needs to run a successful event. As the client of one of Black Pearl Mail’s Partners, Wizids, iVvy utilizes email branding. iVvy’s signature incorporates a modern color scheme and layout, the use of a profile picture adds a personal touch, and the social links and a call-to-action allow for efficient connectivity across all communication channels. With an email signature that looks just as powerful as their core competencies, businesses can rest assured knowing iVvy will effectively plan and brand any event.

Learn more about our partner program here.

AZ Crown Investments in the Design of the Week!

AZ Crown is a private investment firm that creates long-term value by bringing extensive industry knowledge, operational expertise and leadership to quality investment opportunities. Because Marketing is a vital piece to success in all industries, AZ Crown exemplifies a key branding initiative using Black Pearl Mail’s email signature solution. The AZ Crown logo is an animated GIF at the bottom of their signature and the use of a legal disclaimer shows their care for security. AZ Crown shows that even the simplest email branding can have a powerful effect on daily business communication. http://bit.ly/2jpTAh7

McDonalds IT is our Design of the Week!

McDonalds IT is a growing nationwide IT solutions provider. They understand the importance of easy communication with clients that is not only trustworthy but easy to implement.  Their slogan, “It’s not really about us.  It’s about you.” was a key influencer in their desire to have consistent branding and reliable services.  McDonalds IT achieved these goals using an animated GIF for their up-top logo, a personalized profile, and a video linked at the bottom of their email. http://bit.ly/2zqHytB

One of our Partners, Wizids​ is our Design of the Week!

Wizids is an Australian digital marketing & communications agency. Wizids offers Black Pearl Mail Branded Emails as one of their Digital Marketing services. Using their own email signature as an example to prospective customers, their classic signature approach is widely successful.  They utilize their logo as up-top branding to achieve 12% increased engagement as well as a bottom banner with a call to action. With a tried-and-true process and strategy, there is no wizidary involved, just marketing magic!

To learn more about our Partner Program visit: http://bit.ly/2zWpbuC

One of our Partners, MarkeZing​ is our Design of the Week!

MarkeZing adds “zing” to make all marketing they touch, amaZing! They also offer Black Pearl Mail Email Branding as one of their Marketing services. And the best part? They use their own well-crafted email branding to lead their marketing campaign. A compelling logo, call-to-action in their banner, and social links so clients can follow them across all channels, all come together to make this branding campaign effective and amaZing.

To learn about our Partner Program, visit: http://bit.ly/2yEs8Cc

CORE Physical Arts is Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

An expressive banner is the first, most noticeable, element of CORE’s email signature. Their motto “happy staff = happy business” speaks to their mission as a company to make it a great place to to work. With the ability to segment people using the Customer Portal, CORE is able to create a personal communication experience for each area of their business: Martial Arts, Wellness and Retreats. CORE’s artistic, whole person-focused character as a business is displayed in each aspect of their email signature.

Our friends at Miles David! And Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week.

We love what our friends over at Miles David are doing with their email signature! They are raising awareness for their funding campaign to support those affected by hurricane Harvey! Visit their online shop to support here.


Element Design Ltd. has been chosen as Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

“A brand is a promise, an experience, a memory” – the slogan driving Element Design perfectly encapsulates who they are as a company. They understand the importance of branding and use Black Pearl Mail to help express their passion for what they do. Colorful top and bottom banners showcase their logo and help Element Design demonstrate how brand strategy tells a story about its company’s personality.

Assured Support is Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

Their mission is to free licensees from the burden of compliance with innovation, simplicity, and certainty.  Assured Support uses Black Pearl Mail to ensure their email communicates these core values.  Simple, yet visually appealing upper and lower banners show their innovation.  Adding a solid and credible call-to-action reinforces to their clients they’ve chosen a partnership they can trust.

GO 2 Wendy of Reliance Real Estate Services is Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

As a Realtor in a competitive industry, Wendy Rawley knows the importance of making a good first impression. Using Black Pearl Mail, Wendy captures her customer audience with personal branding and an inviting banner. Because real estate is oftentimes a job on-the-go, she utilizes Black Pearl Mail’s flexibility on the cloud and is able to send and receive emails to and from every device and any location.