GO 2 Wendy of Reliance Real Estate Services is Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

As a Realtor in a competitive industry, Wendy Rawley knows the importance of making a good first impression. Using Black Pearl Mail, Wendy captures her customer audience with personal branding and an inviting banner. Because real estate is oftentimes a job on-the-go, she utilizes Black Pearl Mail’s flexibility on the cloud and is able to send and receive emails to and from every device and any location.

Vision Enhancement has been chosen as Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

Audio Visual Equipment Specialists, Vision Enhancement, sell, hire or lease audio visual equipment to suit all corporate boardroom solutions and the home. Experienced in capturing their audience with quality and detail, Vision Enhancement uses Black Pearl Mail email signatures to further communicate their passion for what they do. Using animated up-top branding, a dynamic call-to-action and detailed bottom images, Vision Enhancement is capturing their audience in more ways than one.

Brighton Holistics Training is Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

Brighton Holistics Training is a leading double award winning therapy training center in the UK. With a wide variety of holistic therapy classes, Brighton Holistics Training uses Black Pearl Mail to customize their email signatures and banners to reflect the offerings they have available at any given time. They also utilize social media icons to connect with their audience on all platforms, and use a custom messaging in the bottom banner for an intriguing, brand-recognizable solution to email communication.

CUSTOMtronics Sound​ has been chosen as Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

CUSTOMtronics Sound has a love for music, offering professionally programmed, commercial free music channels for a variety of industries and clients. They have chosen a simple signature design with up-top branding to complement their wide range of offerings. By using Black Pearl Mail’s special “group” feature, CUSTOMtronics Sound can apply different templates to people’s email depending on which department they belong to. CUSTOMtronics Sound sets themselves apart from competition by utilizing a variety of custom features, ensuring their branding is clear and understandable.

Adventure Playground Systems is Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

This design perfectly encompasses what Adventure Playground stands for – providing an adventurous learning experience for children through joyful interaction on a playground. They leverage their playful brand in their Black Pearl Mail email signature using pops of color, dynamic story-telling graphics, and engaging content. Adventure Playground’s signature shows they know what it takes to enhance your child’s playtime with no limits!

DESIGNBX was chosen as Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

Designbx is an online interior design solution that focuses on connecting clients to their own personal designer. Designbx understands the definition of a good partnership: successfully reflecting a client’s style in a designated space. They do so in their own email signature, with custom colored icons, an eye-catching product banner, and a simple legal disclaimer. Designbx’s artistic, high-quality email signature shows they are capable and confident in their abilities to produce styles that support each client’s unique personality and lifestyle.

3Men² is Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

3 dimensional marketing is what they stand for, as they focus on creative, digital and business marketing elements all in one. 3Men² produces strong and inspiring brand identities, and they set an example with their own business branding. Using a compelling animated banner and photo, their fun-loving, market-savvy approach to business is a testament to their business success and the enjoyment they have for their work. What better way to express yourself than with dynamic email branding? 3Men² utilizes the Black Pearl Mail platform to showcase their “think outside the box” marketing strategy.

Reception Academy was chosen as Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

Reception Academy’s exceptionally skilled staff provides courses to students desiring a career in Hospitality. First impressions are key in the hospitality industry. With email signatures being what some may call a “first impression in branding”, Reception Academy’s professional, brand-unified email signature shows they have all their bases covered. Reception Academy has designed their email to look like the classy letterhead style – a traditional take on a modern solution. Putting over 95% of their graduates into employment, Reception Academy is skilled at what they do and, with the help of necessary branding tools, are seeing many students’ dreams come true.

Partisan Advertising is Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

Partisan Advertising is Auckland’s most persuasive advertising agency. A lot of that has to do with their wow-factor; about setting themselves apart from competition. Partisan Advertising expresses wow-factor in their email signature with an animated GIF banner showing their ROI achievements. Because branding is key in the advertising world, it’s important that Partisan looks the part. By using stand-out branding and animation, Partisan Advertising is not only creating value with every email they send, they are also changing the status quo.

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Hummingbird Law was chosen as Black Pearl Mail’s Design of the Week!

As one of Canada’s fastest growing law firms, Hummingbird Law uses Black Pearl Mail to make it easier to manage email signatures as the company grows. In addition to being a highly sought-after legal firm, Hummingbird Law also knows the importance of creating a strong brand. As a hip, professional company, Hummingbird chose to balance their powerfully branded website with a minimalistic email signature approach. The result? A consistent brand that exudes confidence AND confidentiality.